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We offer you the latest projects offered in the Turkish market and the most important investment opportunities from major real estate development companies.
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With projects exceeding 300 projects, and geographical coverage of most of the important Turkish cities, and a variety of projects between residential, investment and agricultural, and a list of distinguished services that start from before purchase and extend to after sales, Mimar sets out with its distinguished team to serve you and aspires to be a faithful advisor to you within the Turkish market
After-sales service
Our services do not end with selling, our engineers carry out the necessary decorations and furnishings for your unit, managing the unit to obtain the highest return on investment.
Turkish citizenship
From A to Z until obtaining citizenship, completing all procedures and receiving the passport without the condition of being on Turkish soil.
Pre-sale services
We discuss with you many options accompanied by market studies and forecasts of price trends. Studying the return on investment is all in your hands.
Real estate and legal advice
For a safe investment, a team for legal support for all procedures, reviewing contracts, documenting papers, and providing the necessary advice.

why Mimar City ?

Why Mimar City and what encourages investors or those wishing to own property in Turkey to deal with Mimar City?

  1. The engineering and consultant staff specialized in conducting accurate studies to identify real estate investment and ownership opportunities in Turkey, taking into account price fluctuations and the purchasing power of the market.
  2. We provide a selection of the best offers for investors or those wishing to own or invest in Turkey, in terms of the appropriate tourist location, the investment value of the property, and the allocated budget. We own it, or through our distinguished real estate and social relations, or through the numerous offers on electronic real estate websites and forums, and then we present a selection of different offers to be chosen according to the client’s desire and capabilities, and we also provide the investment opportunity of a lifetime.
  3. Reliability and seriousness in work: through our constant focus on documenting all buying and selling steps legally with contracts recognized by the Turkish state to guarantee the right of the customer, and this is what contributes to Memaar City gaining a good reputation among Arab investors.
  4. The distinctive and unique services that Mimar City enjoys: which focus mainly on customer convenience, property management service, real estate valuation service, company establishment service, real estate advisory service, and real estate development service, all of which expanded the circle of our valued customers to include those with tastes Those who want to stand out and be unique.
  5. The company was not built on the basis of traditional or routine work, but was built on the basis of keeping pace with the global real estate market, which is dominated by permanent and momentary change, with contemporary scientific and professional methods that are in line with scientific and technical progress.

Real estate in the most important areas of Istanbul

Mimar has many partnerships in the various and most important regions of Istanbul, providing our valued customers with a package of the best real estate, including apartments, offices, lands, shops and hotel units.


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